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Craigslist job posting tips

I recently hired a few developers for a side project that I’m working on. I found the developers by making several posts to Craigslist. The variations in my posts, coupled with the responses that they generated, taught me a few things about how to find good developers on Craigslist.

  1. Explicitly list a compensation number. Pick a dollar per hour and put it in. Don’t put something like “competitive compensation.”
  2. Only focus on one skill. Even if you want a blend of skills, just focus on the most important one. Otherwise, your post comes across as too muddled. Good developers can pick up the other skills that you need.
  3. Posting to New York with telecommute will yield people from all over the world. I don’t mean outsourced development managers — I mean real developers who just happen to live in other cities around the world.

My posts that stuck to these principals yielded some truly talented developers who work at affordable (and fair) rates.

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